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tv   Martin O Malley Remarks on Countering Islamophobia  CSPAN  December 14, 2015 8:32am-9:06am EST

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general joseph dunford and deputy defense secretary robert work. the event's cohosted by the center for a new american security and defense one. our live coverage begins in about half an hour from now at 9:00 eastern here on c-span2. >> c-span takes you on the road to the white house. best access to the candidates at town hall meetings, speeches, rallies and meet and greets. we're taking your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone. and always, every campaign event we cover is available on our web site, >> on friday democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley visited a mosque in sterling, virginia. he was joined by muslim leaders to talk about the recent shootings in san bernardino, california, and his opposition to republican candidate donald trump who's calling for a u.s. ban on muslim immigrants. the former jan governor also spoke -- maryland governor also
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spoke one-on-one with members of the congregation before holding a news conference outside the mosque. this is 30 minutes. >> [inaudible] >> we would ask you, please, show some courtesy and help us to welcome governor martin o'malley. you know, we are facing a very difficult time here. we have people who are attacking our community all the time. we're delighted to welcome people who are coming in or willing to show their public support of our community.
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we are a 501(c)(3). we do not endorse political parties, candidates or issues. however, we're delighted to welcome people who are coming out willing to show their support, willing to talk to us and ask for our support. those who are likely to come out when they're speaking our support and to hear us out, hear our concerns are those who are likely to be listening to us even after they are elected. so please keep that in mind. we'll have an opportunity, there'll be a press conference afterwards. there'll be an opportunity before that press conference to stop and say hello. i encourage all of you at least to come by, shake hands with the above and say thank you for coming out. whether or not you choose to support him is your personal decision. we don't have anything to do with that with adams, but i can tell you this, as the imam said, there was a holocaust because people were allowing events to take control. we cannot do that as a community. so it is my great pleasure,
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we're delighted, again, as a 501(c)(3), governor martin o'malley served two terms very successfully in maryland, he's running for the democratic nomination for the president. we're glad to welcome him for the first time not to a mosque, but for the first time to adams, and when he finishes speaking, i expect to see these rafters rolling with applause. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> it is wonderful to be with all of you and, imam, it's great to see you again, sir. enjoyed listening to your sermon as well. and to all of the leadership here add adams, thank you for allowing me to be with you today. my name is martin o'malley. i am the former governor of maryland. i am running for president of the united states, seeking the democratic party's nomination, and i certainly would love to have your help. we've qualified to be on the
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ballot here in virginia. maybe some of you signed my petitions. but my primary reason for being here today is at this moment in our country's history i wanted to be here just to be present with you in solidarity in these challenging times. i have had a real blessing to be able to travel throughout our country and, in fact, just came back from a red eye on san francisco i think i was. i think. [laughter] and what i find throughout our country, it's really deeply inspiring for all of our diversity as a people, many people of many different faiths, we are nonetheless united by our belief in the dignity of every person, by our belief in the common good that we share and our own responsibility to protect and to advance that common good. and by our understanding that we're all in the together. -- all in this together, that we do, in fact, share a solidarity
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as americans and children of one god. and in these times where fear and division is in the air, it is easy for unscrupulous politicians or hate preachers -- no nation is immune from the scourge of hate preachers -- to turn us upon ourselves. but that sort of language that you hear from donald trump is not the language of america's future. i know the language of america's future. i speak to our young people under 30 every single day, and i rarely find among them any that feel like donald trump. [applause] throughout my service in maryland, we celebrated the fact that we were one maryland. we would host an ishtar event every year. i know my muslim neighbors make america strong. they are our doctors, they are our engineers, they are our lawyers -- [applause] and so i suppose that my message
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here today is not only one of solidarity, but also of encouragement. because in order to rise to meet these challenges, we need each other. we need each other. and we particularly need our american muslim neighbors. i know that there have been many acts of violence, i know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged by some in our political discourse, but the larger arc of our history, as i was listening to the imam, is a larger arc of love and generosity and respect for one another. and so i know -- and i know that our young people understand -- that the tragic murders that took place in san bernardino does not define islam any more than that horrible murder that took place in charleston defines christianity. [applause]
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and together, together we have what it takes as a people to rise to this challenge and to rise to this occasion. every generation always faces challenges, and we face challenges too. the changing nature of conflict in the world. but the world has never needed america to act like america more than right now. to appreciate that we're all in this together. that each of us has a dignity and the freedom and a calling and that each person is needed. and so i say to you here today that together we shall overcome these challenges. [applause] >> thanks a lot. thanks very, very much. >> there'll be a press conference. an opportunity to say a personal greeting and a personal thank you to governor out in the foyer. any of you who would like to attend that press conference, please do so in the parking lot
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downstairs so we can have the entrance as cheer as possible. if you do have to leave, please go out along the side stairways so we don't get involved with the podium. also we're delighted to have jim -- [inaudible] here. we will have an opportunity to hear from him at the press conference as well. >> thank you, my friend. thank you. [applause] thank you. thanks for letting me stop by. thank you. [inaudible conversations] thank you. thank you. thank you for all you do for our country. good being with you. thank you. all in this together. thank you. finish hey, thank you.
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we have a saying in the catholic you are which. , the politicians are the bolt that draw lightning. so i tried to be very brief there. [laughter] thank you. good being with you. thank you. wonderful community. >> we appreciate your -- >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. honored to be with you. thanks a lot. >> [inaudible] >> hey, thank you. thank you. i'll make the offering, you decide. >> [inaudible] >> oh, that's from here? okay. thank you so much. i'm sorry, i lost track of the microphone. glad you were paying attention. thank you, man. thanks a lot. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. we'll pray for each other.
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thank you. thank you, man, great being with you. awesome community. hi, how are you? good to meet you. thank you for having me. great honor to be with you guys. thank you. great to be with you. >> thank you -- >> hey -- [inaudible] >> thanks very much for all your comments. >> we will do it together. >> hey, thank you. we shall. >> hi. >> hey, how are you? good to see you. hey, how are you, pal? good to see you. >> mind if i get a quick -- >> congratulations, i'm voting for you. >> thank you what's your name? >> [inaudible] >> good to meet you. >> hi. sure, a selfie. thank you. great being with you. >> pleasure. thank you, sir. >> thank you. sure, absolutely. pictures are free. [laughter] >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> we want you back as the next president here. >> thank you.
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>> agree, 100%. >> thank you. >> i won't take picture now finish. [inaudible] >> okay, man. [laughter] your lips to god's ears. hey, thank you. thank you. my web site, martin o' you can come on there. if you can help me, if you can send me a check, if you can sign up, we'll stay in touch -- >> the list of the candidates, how -- >> i have some friends here. my friend anwr is here, and, you know, but the best way is to sign up on the web site t, and then we'll stay in touch with you as the campaign comes to virginia. thank you. >> [inaudible] >> you can send a check, absolutely. because i need you. thank you. thank you, please. absolutely, send a check. >> you've got my vote. >> what's your name? >> my name is khalid. >> awesome. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i know person -- [inaudible] but to support all humanity. >> yes. we're all in this together, man. >> all in this together. [inaudible] >> this is when we need to come together. i'd be honored to have a picture with your father. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you. great honor to meet you. thank you. hi, how are you? thank you. thanks a lot. being with you. >> [inaudible] >> thank you, guys. thanks for having me. hi, thank you. thank you. >> nominee always gets my vote. >> awesome man, thank you. thanks a lot. great to be with you. okay. hey, thank you. good being with you. hello, how are you? >> i'm fine, how are you?
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good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for being here. >> awesome to be with you. such a nice community. sure. >> thank you. >> thank you. do you want to do it? >> i know, i was dressed up better -- [inaudible] thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> sure. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. >> thank you. great being with you. thank you, thank you. >> [inaudible] >> we're going to give this person a chance. let me get in the middle here. thank you. thank you. who's not the camera? [laughter] >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, ladies. >> god bless you, you and your family. >> hey, thank you. wonderful being with you. thank you.
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thank you. >> thank you very much. >> sure, man. >> watch your step. >> thank you. thanks very, very much. >> thank you very much for coming. >> sure, glad to. quite a center. hey, great to be with you. good to be here in adams center. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you for your kindness. >> i -- >> sure. >> thank you. >> thank you. great being with you. hang in there now. we're all in this together. thank you. >> please. >> sure. you've got to turn it around. hold on. >> sorry. >> oh oh. it closed now. >> here, let me take a picture with you --. >> here we go. >> now, you know, we also -- we are very proud of the fact we have a number of people in our own community here at adams as well as the muslim community at
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large who are member of the u.s. armed services and have served their country. i'm proud to ask another vet, a veteran of the u.s. army, brother rashid hamcan to just come and say a few words on behalf of all veterans including myself who have served honorably in our armed forces. [applause] >> my name is rashid hamdan. i was born in michigan. i'm currently a graduate student at georgetown university. i'm a proud muslim, and i'm a proud military veteran. [applause] i enlisted in the army in 1999 at the age of 18 upon graduating high school. i served five years and was able to attain the rank of sergeant. i was serve anything the 3rd
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infantry division on 9/11. american muslims were also attacked on 9/11. during my military service, i took part into the invasion into iraq and spent much of my time in baghdad and fallujah. after i left the service i spent a decade continuing to serve our country abroad both in afghanistan, iraq and elsewhere. i also work for the fbi in maintaining the integrity of our national watch lists. my father, a devout muslim, spent seven years as a translator in the u.s. embassy in iraq safeguarding our troops and translating for our generals. my brother's currently serving in the united states navy. and yet now we find that our faith and our commitment to this nation is being questioned. and i feel that my family's service to this country as loyal americans is being demeaned unjustly. muslim-americans are no different from any other americans. we are your classmates, your soldiers and your countrymen.
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standing together, as we are today, christians, muslims, jews and sikh and others, and i hope and pray we can fight intolerance with tolerance, division with dialogue and fear with friendship. thank you. [applause] >> you'll notice behind us that we have a selection of our community leaders, people from other mosques throughout virginia, other people, interfaith partners, etc. i think this shows a good cross-section of when what this muslim community really is in the unite. we represent -- in the united states. we represent many countries in america, native-born americans, all others. we are americans like everyone else. i'd like to also ask mr. jim zogby to say a few words briefly before we introduce the governor. [applause]
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>> thank you. what is happening today is not unusual, it's not an unusual occurrence in the history of our country. in times of great stress is and dislocation, we've always had voices of division and hate that come out to speak. we can never forget that. when those who say this is un-american, what's happening, unfortunately, it's very american. it happens all the time. but what also happens all the time is that voices that bring us together, voices of hope, voices that stress what our better angels are saying to us come forward. and that message always trumps the message of division. that was a little pun. [laughter] [applause] and the point is, since i've met martin o'malley on the campaign
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trail, i have been witness to the fact that he has the voice that i think brings us together, a voice of america's future and vision and the best of what america has to offer the world. and so i'm proud to be here -- [applause] because i love this community, and i feel for its pain. but also because i've grown to care a lot about martin o'malley and the voice he brings to our debate in our country today. and i know that the voice he bringsfá and the message heç bs is the voice and the message that ultimately will triumph. thank you. [applause] >> for those of you who were not as the prayer service, i'd like to reintroduce our imam, mohamed magi, somebody who has really represented america and the voice of american muslims. so, imam?
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[applause] >> thank you so much. governor o'malley, it means a lot to all of us having you with us today attending the service. i would like to say to my fellow americans, we have said many times as muslims that violent extremism and terrorism does not fit within islam. it is a cult. it is not what the value of this beautiful religion is all about. that's why today when i gave my sermon, i was talking about how the prophet muhammad taught us to love our neighbor. the holy quran says whoever takes one life, they have taken the life of all humanity, and whoever save one life, saves the life of all humanity. governor o'malley, i would like to welcome you to our community, and thank you so much for standing withç us. [applause] >> thank you.
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imam, thank you so very, very much, and to all of the leaders here at the adams certain, or thank you for your generosity and for your warmth and the hospitality with which you've received me today. it's a great privilege and a true blessing to be here with all of you, especially at this time in our country's history. and i also want to especially thank, i want to thank our veteran, rashid hamdan. rashid, thank you for what you said and for what you've dope for our cup as -- you've done for our country as well. [applause] when donald trump said the hateful things he did about wanting to seal off the borders and prevent our muslim-american neighbors from traveling, i had to ask myself, i wonder if he's going to begin with all of those patriotic muslim-americans serving in our armed forces all around the world, deeping us safe. -- keeping us safe. the truth of the matter is this,
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the -- i want to say a couple of words about san bernardino and the tragic murders, people who are now grieving in our country for that tragic loss of life. and i want to say this: that those attacks do not represent islam any more than the mass shootings that have happened in other places in the country represent christianity, any more than violent extremism defines judaism. violent extremism is wrong, violent extremism is not what the muslim-american people of our country are about. and i know this because they are my neighbors. [applause] and we have a challenge now. we have a challenge because democracies are most vulnerable after an attack. that's when democracies are vulnerable in turning upon themselves. and if we were to give up the very values that we share as americans, that which makes us
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america -- freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom of association -- if those are the first things that we give up because of our inability to speak out and to speak up and to give, and give voice to the truth, then shame on us. donald trump and his sort of language is not what america's about. it's not where our country is headed. [applause] but it is, but it is enough for evil to succeed the good men and women fail to speak up. and is so that is why i wanted to be here today. i wanted to be here in solidarity. i have served just over the river from you in maryland for two terms as the governor. everybody always likes their neighboring governor better, right? [laughter] and i know that in this region of our country our diversity is our strength. i know because of the work that i've done with our muslim-american neighbors in maryland.
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feeding the hungry. anwar is here with me today, and feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing help in so many, many ways to reinforce fabric of who we are as a people. so this is our hajj now know. of -- challenge now though. when this sort of fear-driven politics has consequences. and it's consequences that go far beyond the flash in the pan of polling that some of the networks put up on the news. it has consequences for all of us. for our families. it can make people very, very vulnerable in our own country. we have all heard the incidents of mosques being attacked, of people being harassed, the incident that took place i think in philadelphia. so, look, this is the time when we need to remember that e pluribus unum, from many different cultures comes one
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strong country, that truth has never been more needed than it is today. we are a great people. [applause] and our values are not the values of violent extremists, nor are they the values of hate preachers like don trump. there are our values are the values of generosity, of compassion, of mercy. and, yes, doing justice. doing justice. and walking humbly with god. [applause] so we are all, we are all sons and daughters of abraham. there is far more that unites us than divides us. and at this moment of challenge we have to remember that we are one, and we have to help each other if we are going to succeed. those are the words of frederick douglass in another time of conflict and challenge. but those words still ring true today, don't they? i want to thank you so very,
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very much for what you are doing in defense of our country, in defense of american values, in defense of those universal human values that all of us share. and i thank you for coming out this afternoon. thank you very, very much. [applause] >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll take some questions. >> sure. >> governor, so this all began because of the events in san bernardino. what have you done to pray with or reach out to those victims? >> look, i have, i have not gone to san bernardino since that has happened, but i can tell you this. whether -- i have as a former governor and as a former mayor, i have often been at the sites of mass shootings. sad hi and tragically in our country -- sadly and tragically
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in our country, there are far too many mass shootings that happen on a regular basis x. to the mom or the dad that has to bury a child, the motive of the person that pulled the trigger and took that life from them does nothing to change the unfathomable loss. my heart goes out to all of our citizens who have lost people in the shooting at san bernardino and all of the other mass shootings that happen in our country. look, we have a, we have a terrible problem in our nation, and it is that, it is the scourge of guns and gun violence. we bury more people because of gun violence than any other developed nation on the planet. we have to do better. there are common sense things that we should be doing to keep guns out of the hands of violent extremists of all stripes. and perhaps the tragedy in san bernardino is an opportunity for us to shake ourselves out of the indifference that sometime
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attended the other 350 mass shootings that have happened this year, and maybe we can ask ourselves aren't there actions we can take that are more life-giving than similarly shrugging our -- simply shrugging our shoulders and saying there's nothing we can do about it? okay. thank you, imam. thank you. [applause] thank you. >> adams has been proud to welcome politicians over the last decade. we've had politicians from virtually every local, state and national office coming here with us. we to not endorse any candidates. we are a 501(c)(3). but i will say this, we're delighted to welcome martin o'malley, and i will say he had one of the most inspirational speeches that we've ever heard. thank you very much for joining us, thank you very much for being here. [applause] and to the members of the press, we talked about governors across
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the river. governor mcauliffe will be coming to the adams free clinic tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 in fairfax. if you'd like information about that, like to cover that event, we'd be certainly happy to welcome you to that as well. again, thank you very much, governor, and best of luck to you. >> thank you. [applause] ..
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>> thank you, thank you. >> god bless you. >> thank you. what is your name? absolutely. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you. spirit will leave the last couple minutes of meet and greet at this event, take you like to the new american security and defense one conversation about national security with military and foreign policy experts, the chair of the joint chiefs of staff and the deputy defense secretary. >> for our first national security forum we decided to focus on defense, specifically to explore the issue that should drive the defense initiative
9:03 am
bolteboth today and tomorrow. with ongoing operations, rising threats, new technologies and tight budgets, this is an errorf our challenges and tough choices. we have put together an agenda i think that does the topic justice and i hope you feel the same way. i'd like to thank our sponsors for making today possible, bowling, boston consulting group, airbus, shell, l-3, and pricewaterhousecoopers. thank you very much. we are excited about the date it and we couldn't think of a a a better person to took office a better person ticket office data first keynote speaker. i first met bob work about 10 years ago when his teaching graduate students at george washington university. i took as many classes as i could from bob is excitement and enthusiasm for the subject was infectious for all of us. several years later i watched as secretary work helped lead the department of navy along with secretary mabus ever privilege to have him as saying anselm ceo. we were sorry to lose him but the pentagon gained an
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extraordinarily talented leader as of the 32nd deputy secretary of defense. secretary work manages a wide spectrum of responsibilities on behalf of secretary carter but today he will share his views on the pentagon's ongoing defense innovation initiative and to offset strategy and the board of that effort given the rapid changes we see in the global operating environment. after his remarks i'll ask a few questions before opening to the audience. anyone for me with the u.s. defense knows that secretary work is an expert or scholar, and extraordinarily strong leader but those of us have been lucky enough to work for and with them know he combined these qualities with unmatched honesty, and utter lack of ego at a sense of vision that inspires others. i'm proud to call a colleague, a mentor in different. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming secretary of defense, -- deputy secretary defense, robert work. [applause]
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>> thank you for that kind introduction, about to all the people at cnas. the cnas them is will be a unique one and it's great to be back here this morning to be part of this conference. this reminds me of a store that is told of a traveling preacher who wanders around in the pacific northwest and through idaho and montana visiting different towns and giving sermons. he walked into one small town in montana, and he found itself on the pulpit and it was just one person bear in the church. -- one person bear in the church. he said, my son, i am here and i'm prepared to give a full sermon and to attend your spiritual needs, but you are only one person and so what would you like me to do? he goes, well, patrick, i'm a cattle farmer and if i went up on the


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